International Investment Opportunities

International Investment Opportunities

International Investment Opportunities

The key to a successful long term investment strategy is a well diversified investment portfolio, and exposure to world class international investments is a key part to achieving that diversification.

QROPS Adviser Group is a completely independent financial advisory firm, and we can therefore advise clients on the whole of the market, covering literally thousands of international investment funds, including capital protected investments and structured products.

In addition, through our contacts with global financial investment managers, we are able to access international investment opportunities not available to the retail investor.

These investment opportunities can be made either through a QROPS pension account a specialist offshore investment account, or directly through a normal brokerage account set up in India.

Services for Financial Planners in India

We also work very closely with local financial planners and wealth managers in India to help provide their clients with access to international investment products.   We are of course very sensitive to the fact that the relationship between the professional adviser and their client is often very close, and if preferred, all contact can be carried out through the local adviser as appropriate.

In today’s global environment, clients expect and demand more from their adviser, and more diversification from their portfolio.

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